SAKE TASTING: “Kubota” line of sake

I’ve recently purchased a large amount of Kubota sake.  Kubota’s line of sakes is generally unavailable from stores and has to be purchased through a distributor using a restaurant purchasing license, or through a volume purchaser.  Bottom line:  You won’t see it in the US very often outside of restaurants.
Here’s the 3 bottles of sake that they sell:
Kubota Manjyu ($68.00)
This is one of the best I’ve ever tasted in the "light body" class of sakes.  It’s aged a longer before it’s bottled and it has a higher mill level than the rest of the Kubota family.  When you drink it, be sure to smell the aroma which is a very strong & flower like but the taste is very light on the palette and will disappear very quickly without a tail of any sort.  Drink only with sashimi, sushi or light vegetables otherwise you might as well be drinking Dom Perignon with Spicy Chili.
Kubota Hekijyu ($43.00)
This is the lesser of the two Daiginjo class sake that Kubota brews.  It’s not as well milled however it’s certainly milled more than most sakes – enough to qualify it as a "Super Premium".  It is a little greener than Manjyu as well giving it a fresher, brighter, more impactful taste.  Still a little sweet smelling but less fragrant than it’s bigger sister, it’s got a stronger flavor making it more appropriate some seafood dishes as well as sushi.
Kubota Senjyu ($23.50)
Senjyu is a Tokubetsu Honjozo, meaning it’s got around 65% of the outer layer of the rice grain milled away but they added a little bit of light alcohol to mellow out the flavor.  Not much nose on it, it’s quite good and is perfect for Izakaya type environments and is mellow enough that you want to avoid strong tasting dishes.

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2 responses to “SAKE TASTING: “Kubota” line of sake”

  1. Kissable_n_quiet says :

    Grr…my boyfriend and I got to taste Kubota Senjyu at this japanese restaurant in San Francisco this past weekend and I am not an alcohol type of girl, but I enjoyed it very much. We talked about how we wanted to find some when we got back home to Orange County because we could see ourselves enjoying a glass of it with dinner some evenings, but now I guess we can\’t….so sad 😦 It was very light in taste, but still very pleasing. I guess we\’ll have to go out to dinner to find it.

  2. jt says :

    Kubota in my opinion is the one sake that blows non sake drinker away, as far as noticeable smooth taste, etc. You can find a bottle of your choice at HiTimes liquor in Costa Mesa or umm, a local liquor store in Kona, Hawaii or Don Quixote in Honolulu.

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